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World Children’s Winners Games

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We invite everyone to VII World Children’s Winners Games! The schedule of competitions:

Dear Friends, we are glad to invite you to VII World Children’s Winners Games! We are looking forward to seeing you in sports complex PFC Central Sport Club of the Army on football-athletic arena from June, 29th till July, 2nd. Our winners need your support. Take your friends, invite your relatives – it’s merrier to win together! And the schedule of competitions will help you to define where to go in the first place – to shooting, running, swimming or chess. We’re looking forward to seeing you! The entry to Winners Games is always free.

The Registration for the World Children's Winners Games Is Closed

The registration period for the World Children's Winners Games 2017 has officially closed. 

Winners Games 2017. Come to win!

It's still winter outside but we are already planning the sunny, summer World Children's Winners Games 2017. They will take place on June 2 - 4 at the CSKA Athletic Complex. We are officially opening the registration for individuals and teams. 

Winners Games - the Final Chord

After the closing ceremony, on the day of their departure, a final surprise awated the children. Every group received an invitation to an excursion or a trip around the city. The Kremlin, Pushkin Museum, the Polytechnic  Museum at VDNH, the ice-cream factory, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, a pirates quest and a trip down the Moskva River on a steam ship were their choices. Just so that the departure could be sweetened just a bit.