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World Children’s Winners Games

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Victories of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod hosted regional competitions on May 5 – 7. 201 medals were awarded in three days. The most important prize, however, will be the participation in the World Children’s Winners Games for those who showed best results at the regionals.

Belgorod is with us!

On April 30 a qualifying competition took place in Belgorod. 47 children, 5 – 17 years of age, from around the region participated in the event. Belgorod hosted the regional competition for the first time, but children from this area have participated in the Winners Games before and even returned home with medals.

The Southern Urals have won

Regional qualifying competitions for the Winners Games took place in Chelyabinsk on April 29 – 30. 11 contestants will proceed to the Winners Games in Moscow.

"Winners never stop"

Региональный этап Игр победителей, Екатеринбург, 2017
Regional Winners Games commenced last week: the first competitions to qualify candidates for the Games in June took place on April 27, 28, in Yekaterinburg.