About the games

The World Children’s Winners’ Games are athletic competitions for childhood cancer survivors. This event is organized annually in Moscow by the Russian non-profit foundation Gift of Life. At the Games, we welcome young cancer survivors from all over the world.

Our goals:

  • Help childhood cancer survivors get back to the life they knew before their long battle with illness
  • Create an environment of positive challenge and encourage young cancer survivors to regain self-confidence, to set athletic goals and achieve them, and to socialize with others
  • Popularize athleticism and healthy life style among people with oncology diseases
  • Provide support to children in treatment
  • Dispel the cancer-is-incurable stereotype
  • Attract public attention to the problems of childhood cancer
  • Form and strengthen friendships among children, parents and charities from different cities and countries

The Winners' Games are more than a mere athletic event. They are a celebration for those children who have won their main victory over illness. All our young participants had to face a life-threatening disease at some point in their lives - the disease took a toll on their own lives and on the lives of their families. Now all that is behind them; these children have completed their treatment and they have their whole life ahead of them. Our goal is to support our young athletes on their way back to a normal life.