Belgorod is with us!

On April 30 a qualifying competition took place in Belgorod. 47 children, 5 – 17 years of age, from around the region participated in the event. Belgorod hosted the regional competition for the first time, but children from this area have participated in the Winners Games before and even returned home with medals.

Based on the result of the regionals, 11 children prize winners will go to Moscow to compete in the Winners Games. The event in Belgorod was organized by the non-profit “Holy Belogorie Against Childhood Cancer”. Its director, Evgenia Kondratyuk believes that the motto of the Games should be “The epilogue of illness is the prologue of triumph” and we couldn’t agree more. 

Отборочный тур Игр победителей в Белгороде

Vika Sizova won two gold medals in the regionals, in swimming and running, even though at first she did not expect much of herself and was intimidated by the competition. “It was intense, the competition was high, I was really anxious. But the most important part for me was to meet nice and interesting people, see what other children have achieved, to try and outrun them. I would really like to go to Moscow, but don’t think I will. But there is always hope, you know. Time will show”, Vika said in her interview for the magazine “Bolshaya Peremenka”.

Nikita Evdoshenko set a record in shooting. He talked about his training, obstacles and triumphs with a reporter of BelPress. “I am not a professional athlete but I am showing some good results nonetheless. My friends suggested I take part in the regionals to see how well I could do. My main goal was to break my own record, I was competing with myself, so to speak. And I won! Especially in shooting. When it was over I was tired, all red in cheeks but very pleased with myself”.

We congratulate all the children who participated in the regionals in Belgorod and we cannot wait to welcome the prize winners in Moscow very soon.