“Happiness here and now” with Brainstorm

After the Award ceremony of the second day a Latvian band called Brainstorm appeared on stage. Their lead singer Renars Kaupers greeted all the contestants and guests of the Winners Games and wished them a good evening. And the evening turned out excellent with (we’re jumping ahead) some pleasant surprises. 

A group of Brainstorm’s fans of different ages had gathered in front of the stage before the concert. Soon as the first chords of “Gori, gori yasno” were played, they started singing and dancing along. Hospital clowns acted like VIPs, they seemed to have been given a special role in the performance. Meanwhile, as they did before, they were warming up the audience, threw gigantic balloons into the crowd. When a balloon would accidentally or intentionally be thrown onto the stage, Renarus would enthusiastically join the game. He was smiling, singing, making jokes, praising and congratulating the children on their victories and wishing them good health, he somehow had time for everything. And the audience returned the sentiments wholeheartedly. “We’re going to sing a song you might have heard before.” – “Bravo!”, yelled somebody from the audience. Yet, it was a brand new song, “Nebo Upalo na Nas” (“The Sky Has Fallen on Us”), which the group performed in Russian and in Latvian, and the audience loved it.

Brainstorm musicians turned out quite athletic; a guitar player confessed that he would love to play a game of hockey or demonstrate his windsurfing skills. But the main surprise awaited the audience in the middle of the concert. Clowns climbed the stage and popped red noses on all the band members. Then Renars invited the Latvian team onto the stage. As it turned out, they all prepared a new song for the guests, it was a children’s song about the alphabet. It was great! The children were beaming with joy and were singing their hearts out, the spectators enthusiastically applauded and everybody was absolutely happy. 

Then the turn came for the most philosophical single called “At Dawn”, which Renars sang with such feeling. He seemed to be asking the people around where happiness was – “then and there” or “here and now”. The vote was unanimous: here! Some of the most impressionable spectators had tears in their eyes.

When the concert came to an end, the fans would not let the band leave right away. One song had to performed encore. The audience demanded more, everybody was singing, dancing, jumping and chanting – the atmosphere was electric. We are grateful to Brainstorm for an excellent performance, their sincere and kind words; and to Renars in particular – he had a smile on his face the entire time. Radiant and excited, all the children proceeded from the concert to a dance party, one more day of competitions awaits them tomorrow.