"Winners never stop"

Региональный этап Игр победителей, Екатеринбург, 2017

Regional Winners Games commenced last week: the first competitions to qualify candidates for the Games in June took place on April 27, 28, in Yekaterinburg. 

Non-profit “Children of Russia” organized the regionals. Yekaterinburg hosted the event for the first time, but the scale of the competition was quite impressive: 94 contestants, age 7 – 16, gathered from all over the Urals to compete in swimming, shooting, running, table tennis and chess. In a month, 11 lucky contestants chosen by draw, will go to Moscow to participate in the World Children’s Winners Games. Each of the 94 contestants was already a winner, with his or her own personal victory, so there were no losers here; some were simply more lucky in the draw than the others.

The organizers of the regionals are sure that every child will make special and very significant achievements here. Each child will make new acquaintances, gain athletic experience, see old friends and get a chance to meet real champions; all this gives a wonderful opportunity to test and believe in one’s abilities, have a great time and make great memories. And, of course, some young athletes will have their hearts set on breaking records.

Региональный этап Игр победителей, Екатеринбург, 2017

Vera Abaturova, 8 y.o., is serious about winning in table tennis: “I want to beat China!” And that’s not her limit, “And then, once I’ve beaten everyone, I want to win in something else. I want to win in everything!”

Masha Iliyuk, 9 y.o., on the other hand, admits that she’d lost in chess: “I have lost to absolutely everyone! I’ve never competed in sports in my life. It’s not my thing. I’m more of an Academic Olympiads type of girl; literature, languages, environmental science, that type of thing”.

Giving children this opportunity to try something new, sans fear of losing, and gain valuable experience in the process is the essence of the Winners Games.

“ This is a great celebrating – and not only of athleticism”, Yulia Nutenko, director of “Children of Russia” says, “This event is about making new acquaintances, new connections, which is very important for these children, because they have been isolated for a long time and assimilating back into society is much harder for them than for other children of their age. But we see how active, lively and joyful they are and it is a true pleasure!”

The motto of the regionals in Yekaterinburg is “Winners never stop!” and we encourage all the participants to keep going, all the way to Moscow and conquer the capital. We are looking forward to seeing you in a month!