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«Major victories are not won in sports alone!» Igor Akinfeev

This year Igor Akinfeev, a famous Russian football player, has become the face of the Winners' Games. Igor is captain of one of the oldest and most renowned football clubs in Russia, CSKA. A lot of fans watched him represent Russia on football fields at European and World Cup championships. Igor is considered one of the best goalies in history. Before the Winners' Games begin, the famous football star would like to share with you, our dear young athletes, how victories are won and tell you who can help you along on the way to those victories.


Elena Vinkova, volunteer, meal coordinator at the Winners' Games

"Dear participants, don't forget for a moment that you are already Winners! You are one of a kind. Have the time of your life and enjoy every second of the Games, and cherish your memories to share later with your own children. Thank you for the boost of energy and light that you bring with you!"


Nadezhda Kuznetsova, Chief Coordinator of the Winners' Games

Nadezhda Kuznetsova, chief coordinator of the Winners' Games says, ‘The Games is one of the most interesting and important projects I've ever worked on. In 2007 I was lucky enough to attend Oncology-Olympics in Warsaw as a chaperone to a Russian team sponsored by Gift of Life. In those three days that we spent in Warsaw, children, their parents and myself had so much fun and such a great time together that it still feels like we are one big family. I couldn’t stop thinking about that time in Warsaw and the idea to organize a similar event in Russia started forming in my mind’.


The Way to Victory

If you want to become a professional athlete, you need to start your athletic career very early in life. That’s when you find out whether you have enough to achieve something as a professional athlete or whether you will remain an amateur. It’s quite a task for a coach to see the glimpses of a future champion in a child, and at times young athlete has to be persistent and persuasive before they get noticed. That is exactly what Elena Dementieva had to be when she started her career in tennis. It even took her three try-outs to be accepted and start training.


Our Hero

Sergey Shilov, a Paralympic athlete, has become a regular guest of the Winners’ Games. It is quite an honor for us; Sergey is a remarkable athlete, he is the pride of the Russian sports association.