Our Friends

World Hockey Champion of 2008, Maxim Afinogenov


“I think it is a great honour for anybody to have a chance to contribute to the work that Chulpan, Dina and all the volunteers are doing. It means a lot to me to be able to support these children and to spend time with them. I will be happy to do it at the Games. They are all incredible. The first thing that stands out when you start talking to them is how mature they are despite their youth. Having been through so much, they have kept their ability to smile and find joy in life that is characteristic of all children.

Showman and resident of the «Comedy Club», Alexander Revva


Dear children. You have already won the main battle in your life – with your illness. And you have proven that anything is possible! Participation in the Winners Games is yet another and a very important achievement of yours. You are agile, courageous and you can do anything. We truly admire you!