Team Leaders

Татьяна Рощина

Tatiana Roshina


My name is Tanya Roshina. I am volunteering at the Winners Games for the third time, second - as a team leader. 

I am really looking forward to the Games as last year not only did it charge me with energy for a whole year but also gave me a chance to see the kids who used to be patients at the hospital where I volunteer all well.

A few words about myself. I have been a volunteer for three years, I visit children at hospital and try to do my best to entertain them. I also help our photography group in their important artistic endevours. 

Елена Бондарева

Elena Bondareva


My name is Elena Bondareva. This will be my fourth time volunteering at the Winners Games. I will be the leader of the best team from Latvia!

At Gift of Life, I volunteer with “Mobil Events” and I am a speech therapist by trade.

I am really looking forward to the Winners Games, the celebration filled with joy and laughter. And I cannot wait to meet my team!

Лида Яркова

Lida Markova


My name is Lida Yarkova. I became a volunteer last year and participated in the Winners Games 2015 as a general volunteer and also conducted master-classes. This time I will be a team leader, which is wonderful!

I have the honor to lead a team from Turkey, which is quite symbolic, in my opinion, because my two nieces are half Turkish so I have substantial experience in interacting with kids from Turkey. 

Дина Костева

Dina Kosteva


My name is Dina Kosteva. These are my fifth Winners Games. I really love this event and I always look forward to it.

I am looking forward to reuniting with my favourite team from Astrakhan, the cheerful, friendly, loveable and always so grateful group of people. It will be an unforgetable celebration of athleticism, friendship and Victory!

Nina Semushina


My name is Nina and this will be my sixth time being a team leader at the Winners Games (I can hardly believe it!)