All the days of the Winners’ Games a lot of volunteers help us, as none of the playgrounds and areas can function without their help: at the competitions, on the trampoline, in the life-size puppets, in the entertainment town, in the canteen and in a variety of places - everywhere you can see people in red T-shirts with the word "volunteer". If you have never been to the Games, we strongly recommend you to watch the videos and clips from the previous Games in the Video section. But it’s impossible to describe with the words the atmosphere of the Games and the emotions, the entire charge of energy that you might get, this is just the case when it is better to see everything with your own eyes :)

If you would like to help at the Games, please contact us using the e-mail:

For those who will assist at the Games for the first time, a meeting is mandatory before the Games. At the meeting we describe the volunteering at the Games in detail, tell what might help to make them better, share some stories from past Games. And, of course, we answer your questions. Winners’ Games is a unique event for recovered children to understand that the life goes on, here and now. And in fact, we give joyful emotions these days not only to the participants, but also to ourselves. We will be happy to share this fest with you!


Ekaterina Istratiy

I’ll be the counselor in Kazakhstan team at the Winners’ Games for the first time.

Anna Matsapaeva

What associations does the summer give to you?


Hello! My name is Ksenia. I am a volunteer in the foundation for about 2 years in the "Outpatient apartment" project.


Lena Skrivel

My name is Lena Skrivel, these will be my first Winners’ Games

Sonia Yevstigneyeva

My name is Sonia Yevstigneyeva. I love volunteering in all its aspects.

Dina Fetkulova

My name is Dina Fetkulova. These Games are the first for me!