Winners Games are a rehabilitation event for young cancer survivors—winners in the fight against cancer. Athletic competitions in 6 sport disciplines (field and track, table tennis, swimming, shooting, football, and chess) and a variety of entertaining activities provide a great opportunity for young cancer survivors to gain strength, boost self-esteem, reconnect and return to a high quality life after a complicated and painful treatment.

Winners Games are open for childhood cancer survivors in the age of 7 to 16 inclusive, who have completed their in-hospital treatment, regardless of the length of their remission period. We welcome teams (up to 5 participants) from all over the world.

With teams we invite:

  • 1 parent with each child;
  • 1 doctor with each team (optional);
  • 1 chaperone (volunteers, charity organization employees) per team.

The participation in the Games is free of change. We bear all expenses for accommodation, meals, transfers to/from airports and railway stations, sightseeing and entertainment, uniforms and sports equipment. Participants are only responsible for their travel expenses to/from Moscow.

How to become a participant?

To take part in Winners Games, please contact our participant recruitment at

Sports program

Rules of participation in the World Children's Winners Games:

1. Children in the age from 7 to 16 years inclusive are eligible to participate in the World Children's Winners Games, who have overcome cancer and have finished treatment.

2. You can become a participant of the Games twice.

3. Competitions are held in age groups. Participants compete in such sports disciplines as athletics, swimming, table tennis, shooting, chess, football..

4. You can take part regardless of physical fitness and sports training.

5. Participation in the World Children's Winners Games is free. The Organizing Committee takes care of all expenses related to accommodation, meals, transfers from airports/train stations to the venue of the competition and back, entertainment and sightseeing programs and equipment of athletes. Participants pay only for their way to Moscow.

6. Accompanying persons are invited to the Winners Games together with the children teams:

  • one parent with each child;
  • one doctor for the team;
  • an employee or volunteer from a public organization or charitable Foundation sending a team to competitions.

The full text of the rules of participation can be found here.